About Our Business

Tri-State Fireworks, Inc. has been in the business of retailing Class C "Safe and Sane" Fireworks for over 40 years.  We maintain retail stands and tents in 14 different jurisdictions, and focus on safety and employee training.  Our organization began with one retail outlet in 1979 and has rapidly expanded throughout Maryland, West Virginia, and Northern Virginia.  In 2019, Tri-State operated 70 locations and we are expected to expand to over 80 firework retail centers.  We are one of the largest  "Safe and Sane" Class C retailers in the Mid - Atlantic region.

Our company is able to expand at such a rapid rate due to our highly talented and motivated staff members.  We employ approximately 400 location managers, assistant managers, and staff members during our sales season.  A significant portion of our staff is comprised of school teachers and college students that make operating a firework retail stand an annual tradition. Many of our location managers have worked with us for 5 or more years.

Our competitive advantage lies within our exceptionally hard working and gifted management team.  Their experience and dedication has enabled us to secure the best locations for retailing fireworks.  We lease some of the most prestigious shopping centers from some of the best-known management companies year after year.

To learn more about employment opportunities, please visit our EMPLOYMENT page.